Welcome to Starboard Yachts!

Starboard Yachts, Inc. is located in Holland, Michigan on the eastern shore of our second largest great lake, Lake Michigan.

Our personal approach to yacht brokerage has evolved from experience operating large boat dealerships that have you running on a treadmill to meet expectations from manufacturers, curtailments from lenders (banks), customers who rightly expect their new yacht to work properly and a short season, May-September to get all this done.

Some years ago we took a deep breath and re-thought boat buying and selling. We thought let’s make it simple, easy and most of all fun. We were able to get out from under large financed inventories and concentrate on pre-owned vessels, fresh water boats, that are in exceptional condition. We realized that we could not be all for all to end all. This simple approach has allowed Starboard Yachts, Inc. to put you, the customer, first. It has helped us work a win-win-win for the buyer, the seller, and the broker. We like the approach and so do you…..our customers!

Contact us and let us explain how we can help you, sell your boat, buy your next boat or just discuss your boating needs before you make another “boat decision”.

Thanks for letting us serve you in the past, we look forward to serving you in the future. Remember that without you, the customer, we do not exist.