Late Model Boats

We are often asked to find a late model vessel for a customer. In years past that would mean a boat 2-5 years old. Today “late model” has changed significantly because of the numbers of boats built. Today a late model includes the 2-5 year olds, but we now drop back an additional 5 years simply because the number of boats built from 2008-2013 is dramatically less.

It is difficult to put an exact number on how many less because manufacturers do not give out that information and rightly so. The thinking is let’s not put more fear into the market place than is already there.

Safely we can estimate that new vessel, large boat sales are off 20-60% from the hey days of the early 2000’s, 2000-2007. A few companies are doing better, but very few.

Armed with 6-7 years of low production it is easy to see why we have shifted our vision of “late model” boats. To get an accurate handle on which brands and models of that brand are popular give STARBOARD YACHTS a call. We can research that and help you through the maze of “late model boats.”