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Read about it here: marine accident report ss edmund fitzgerald – U.S. Coast
Forty years ago today, the Lakes largest went down with all hands.
The new big & the new small yachts: Just an observation, the new big yacht has become the 35′-45′ Center Consoles with 3 & 4 and soon I’m sure 5 or more large outboard engines! More Center consoles than ever before at FLIBS and in addition more Dual Consoles! The new small yachts are those that can be handled by the “boomer couple” (60-80’s) for extended cruising, whether it’s the “loop”, Alaska, Mexican coastS, island hopping or commuting from north east/midwest to south and back. These yachts must handle easily, must be sea worthy, must have “liveability”, must be efficient and must have some cache! Not an easy set of parameters to get in 40-60 feet, but the demand is there so the yachts will follow. New players old names: Hatteras a new 70′ (wowza), Tiara the Q-44′ Adventure vessel, Grand Banks banking on their past to carry them to the present with new ownership, design & performance, yes performance! Chris Craft introduces a dual console outboard & admits they are going larger. And speaking of larger there has never been a FLIBS with more 100′ plus vessels to see at one place. Speaking of larger, Pininfarina, Italian design firm, […]
Early September & the occasional chill hits especially early in the mornings. Some of the best time to take a “mini-cruise” & enjoy the great lakes. Marinas are still welcoming & open, colors are beginning to change to “spectacular” & there are no lines at restaurants or docks for service. Try a fall cruise here in the Great Lakes you will never forget it! In fact it may become a habit before putting your boat away for winter!