“Remember the basics still apply…”

Our phone message refers to the basics of boat ownership…as in “Starboard Yachts understands this very difficult market, remember the basics still apply.”

Basic #1. Own a brand name vessel & popular model in the line. Example; Sea Ray, model Sundancer.
Basic #2. Keep that boat like it was your first love. Spotlessly clean, shiny, repair every squeak, creak and groan. Service it, use it carefully and keep records of what you have done.
Basic #3. Price it accurately, and guess what? In any market it will sell.

We could go on and on about if #1 is not quite right what the consequences are to #3 or #2. Or if #2 is not up to par, the consequences to #3 are evident.

It’s not rocket science folks, it’s Boat Marketing 101. But it still amazes us how many of you think it’s Rocket Science!

So remember the basics and your boat will sell!